Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Year In Review

2012 was a year of major projects delayed and devastating loss. Somehow I  managed to get a little decorating done. Lets look back at a few favorites,  In January it was my buffet redo.

In February a Valentine vignette,

In March an Easter Vignette,

In April I shared my vintage transfer ware,

In May a lamp makeover,

and  a thrifted vignette,

In June I turned cans into vases,

and created a summer vignette,

In July I gave an old pot a new look,

and copied Veranda

In August I decoupaged a plate an turned it into cake stand.

and weathered a tool carrier,

September found me decorating for Fall.

and stacking trays.

October is all about Halloween,

and the beginning of Christmas crafts,

In November I painted a village,

and dressed up candles

and peat pots

In between I gave an old basket a new look,

 In December I made JDL inspired   Christmas Drums,

and decorated for Christmas here and there,

In 2013 I'll be doing a few major projects, that is until I run out of cash lol.  Thanks for looking  I'll be joining these great parties this week,

                                                          Jennifer Rizzo


                                                         My Romantic Home

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Little Christmas Here and There

I'm finished decking the halls, well the living room anyway. It's my favorite time of the year. Lets take a little look see shall we?

This year I put up a tabletop tree instead of my usual 7 footer. I like it so much better. Being in a small space it just feels more comfortable.

I placed the tree in a antiqued galvanized tub and filled in around the bottom with snow,I added feather wreaths to the window and chalkboard. My Angel wings top the tree.

 White feathers placed in clear balls.

Silver balls placed in an ironstone tureen.

 Candles and lanterns placed on the ottoman in front of the sofa.

 Cute pompom throw bought at Target and my snowy village.

 The snowy village up close and under glass.

The buffet/mantle, thanks for looking at my one room decorating LOL. Merry Christmas! Joining these great ladies this week.


                                   Debbie Doos

                                   Savvy Southern Style

                                  The Nesting Place

                                Craftberry Bush

                               My Romantic Home

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Angel Wings

When I laid eyes on these Angel Wings on Dawn's blog I loved them and knew I wanted to try them. Wellll, I ordered the tutorial, check! and then I cut out the pattern, check! everything is going well so far, glued them together,check! cut and tore the strips of muslin, so far I'm crusin and then I started gluing and pinching the fabric to create the ruffles UH Oh, this did not go well for me. I have met my craft nemesis! making ruffles by gluing and pinching... uh no.  When I went from one pinch to the next the fabric would come up and move arrrgh, I just could not find my rhythm making those ruffles. On top of that I kinda glued my fingers together  and then the rows did not line up well.  Needless to say My copycat wings are jacked up! Here are mine,

Here are Dawn's

Big difference and not in a good way. Thanks Dawn for the great tutorial, I'm sorry I jacked it up LOL, I'm not giving up though, I will try again. Click here for a better copy cat inspired by Jeane d' Arc living.  Joining,

                                                         Debbie Doos Copy Cat Challenge

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Drums

I was looking through the pages of Jeanne d' Arc Living's Christmas issue and saw the most beautiful Christmas drums. They had several different versions of them, all equally gorgeous. I knew right away that I wanted to make a few for my tree. Luckily they had a pretty good tutorial for making your own.

 I made two sizes, the smaller drums were made from a paper towel roll that I cut into pieces a little larger than 1".Then two circles were cut from card stock that I previously printed. I made them slightly larger than the diameter of the drum. The circles were glued to the ends  and after they dried they were trimmed. I cut strips of sheet music and images printed from the net and glued them around the drums. The larger ones were made from a mailing tube using the same method except they are about two inches tall. After everything was glued together and dried, I rolled the edges in glue and then rolled them in glitter. They used black glitter on some of the images in the magazine and I thought it looked really pretty with the images, so I tried it. It's a really nice effect that I would never have thought of. Rolling the drums through the glitter makes a jagged looking glitter trim. If you wanted more control you could probably use a paint bush to get the glue nice and even and consequently the glitter will be more even. Lastly I glued cotton twine to the side to make a hanger.

I think this is my favorite Christmas project so far. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be joining these ladies great parties,

                          Centsational Girl

                         Cedar Hill Ranch

                        Craftberry Bush

                        My Romantic Home

                       Savvy Southern Style
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