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Monday, April 14, 2014

Painting, Painting, Painting and a New Arrival

Hello friends! I'm still alive and feeling well enough to tackle painting my Living room, Dining room, hall and foyer. It's taking forever because I have to take lots of breaks and a day or two off in between sometimes. My stamina just is not the greatest. The dining room was the hardest to do and I still haven't put on the first coat of paint.


The dining room had been wallpapered by the previous owners and then they decided to paint over it. Yeah it was impossible to strip it without causing a huge mess. I decided to skim coat over it. I used this tutorial. Now I just have to paint it.

This is the right side and the above is the left side.

That 70's paneling with the first coat of primer.

This is the foyer . It was paneled in that 70's plywood paneling that was so popular. It's a tiny space so you can imagine how dark it looked. Before I painted it I washed all of the paneling and trim with tsp and rinsed it well.  It looks so much brighter with one coat of streaky primer. It needs another coat of primer, a new light fixture and paint. I primed all of the all of the trim too. On a happier note look what finally arrived after three months of waiting!

I wanted to have lots more of the room put together before my chair came but my body had other plans. I hope to have some pretty pictures to share soon. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be joining these ladies this week

                                                                Savvy Southern Style

                                                               Craftberry Bush

                                                             French Country Cottage

                                                            My Romantic Home

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