Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A New Coffee Table and A little Fall

When my children were growing up we ate every meal at the table. Well now that we have an adults only house we like to grab a bite in front of the tv sometimes and watch a movie. The white ottoman that we had didn't give us enough room to set drinks or plates of goodies. So we built a coffee table to replace the ottoman.

When I saw a raised planter at The Christmas Tree Shoppe I thought to myself hmmm I think I could make a coffee table from this.

 It was 19.99 and I thought it would make a big enough surface to place drinks and snacks on movie nights, or when entertaining.I went to Home Depot and had two 8x10x2 pine boards cut into 36 inch lengths to make planks for the top. We had 3/4 inch plywood on hand and my husband cut it into a 36" square to make the base.

 The planks were screwed together with two strips of plywood.

 The planter was pre drilled so it made for fast construction. After it was assembled my husband joined the planter to the plywood base using L brackets.

Wheels were added, first they were screwed into an 18" square and then attached to the base.

My husband designed the top so we could slide it on and off for storage. Once all the pieces were put together it looked like this

 After a lot of back and forth on how to finish the wood I decided to wash it in in a 50/50 mixture of paint and water. I used three colors white, grey and a very light blue. I applied one layer of paint and while it was still wet I applied another  wiping after each color until I got the right blend. The total cost of the coffee table was around 60.00 dollars.

 After it was all said and done I added a little fall decor to the room. I'm not finished yet and I'll be back later with more pics once I'm finished redoing my settee.

I added books and a grass arrangement to the table on silver thrift store trays, along with these adorable clothes pins.

These were designed by the talented Rosemary  who writes the gorgeous blog Villabarnes. Check out her Etsy Shop she has the most beautiful items.

The rolled paper was made from wrapping paper that I found at Marshalls a while ago.While I was at it I added a little fall to my side table.

Thanks for stopping! by I'll be back soon with a little more fall decorating and my revamped sette. I'll be joining these fun link ups this week,

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Mora Clock and A New Table

I mentioned in my  window treatment post that I was building a new side table. Well it's actually just two pieces screwed together, no real building involved ha!

 I inherited my mom's French Provincial dining room set. I love it but it had a double pedestal base that felt to bulky for my small dining area, so I removed the pedestals and replaced them with curvy Queen Anne legs that I bought from ebay. Looking at those pedestals gave me an idea, why not make a new side table from the pedestal. Here's what I started with

 The pedestal like I said came from mom's table and I ordered the pine top from The Home Depot.  My husband screwed the top to the base using wood screws ... then it looked like this,

 The base was pretty banged up from being stored in the pit of hell aka my shed. But that worked for me because I like a little distressing . I painted the top and bottom using a sample paint from The Home Depot, it's just a basic white.

 I used multiple layers of a 50/50 wash of paint and water on the  top and pedestal and rubbed it back after each layer until I got the effect that I wanted.

Then I scuffed it up with a sanding block and putty knife..

I waxed the table with minwax clear wax and sat it in place. It totally breaks the rules for side table height but I like it anyway. The table cost me 23.00 bucks total since I had everything but the top. I think it looks a lot like this one from Pottery Barn. I like the price of mine much better though.

I still haven't installed my new flooring in the living room. I have to add another layer of subflooring to even out the floors between the kitchen, dining room and living room.

Since I only got about five blooms this summer from my hydrangeas I bought some pretty flowers to add to the table.

I also ordered this  Mora wall clock from ebay. The price was reasonable and even with shipping it was less than 200.00 bucks

 I think it's really pretty although I'm already thinking about giving it a new paint job.Look who decided  to photobomb.

I guess he's exhausted from  photobombing my shoot and messing up the pillows, wrinkling the slipcovers and lets not forget getting the  curtains out of whack hehe.

Thats it for now. Next up I'm giving my Settee a freshen up.  thanks for stopping by, I'll be joining these linkups this week,

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hawaii Part Two

As I told you in the first post my family had the privilege of vacationing on the beautiful island of Maui. It was our first time visiting the paradise that is the Hawaiian Islands but it certainly wont be the last. There is so much to see, we barely scratched the surface. I already shared a few pics from the beach and our lovely view from our condo, now I'd like to share some photos from our cruise around the island and the fantastic Luau. We took a cruise around the Island on the beautiful Catamaran  "Hula Girl".

 Here are a few shots of the beautiful coastline and waters taken from Hula Girl.

The cruise lasted until sunset. I captured a few  shots of one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen.

 Being the good tourist that we are we couldn't leave the Island without attending a Luau. We went to the Old Lahaina Luau, reported to be one of the most authentic Luaus in Hawaii. They served traditional Hawaiian food buffet style. It was so delicious that I didn't photograph any of it... too busy chowing down hehe. Here's a few pics of the extraordinary performance. The Luau tells the story of the indigenous Hawaiian people along with some of the folklore and traditions. It was beautiful and exciting to watch and learn.

This  is where you are greeted and lei'd

The wonderful musicians and singer

The Luau is held next to the beach

Most of the servers had these beautiful tribal tattoos

The amazing performers

The chanter tells the story of the Hawaiian people


 I hope you enjoyed sharing our vacation, I'll leave you with a few more random shots!

 Thanks for stopping by. If you want to see part one click here. Joining  these great linkups this week,

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