Monday, April 14, 2014

Painting, Painting, Painting and a New Arrival

Hello friends! I'm still alive and feeling well enough to tackle painting my Living room, Dining room, hall and foyer. It's taking forever because I have to take lots of breaks and a day or two off in between sometimes. My stamina just is not the greatest. The dining room was the hardest to do and I still haven't put on the first coat of paint.


The dining room had been wallpapered by the previous owners and then they decided to paint over it. Yeah it was impossible to strip it without causing a huge mess. I decided to skim coat over it. I used this tutorial. Now I just have to paint it.

This is the right side and the above is the left side.

That 70's paneling with the first coat of primer.

This is the foyer . It was paneled in that 70's plywood paneling that was so popular. It's a tiny space so you can imagine how dark it looked. Before I painted it I washed all of the paneling and trim with tsp and rinsed it well.  It looks so much brighter with one coat of streaky primer. It needs another coat of primer, a new light fixture and paint. I primed all of the all of the trim too. On a happier note look what finally arrived after three months of waiting!

I wanted to have lots more of the room put together before my chair came but my body had other plans. I hope to have some pretty pictures to share soon. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be joining these ladies this week

                                                                Savvy Southern Style

                                                               Craftberry Bush

                                                             French Country Cottage

                                                            My Romantic Home

Monday, February 3, 2014

Well hello my friends. I've had a longer than normal absence from my blog. I haven't been feeling the greatest and so my productivity level is in the toilet. I have an autoimmune disease that causes fatigue. It can be very debilitating and frustrating. I'm feeling better, well enough to do a little online shopping anyway lol. I've been searching the thrift stores and Craigslist for over a year for a chair, haven't been able to find just what I'm looking for. Lo and behold Restoration Hardware had a sale on exactly the style that I wanted. YIPPEE!!! Since I had a little Christmas money and I haven't bought furniture brand new from the store in 15 years I treated myself to this lovely chair. I ordered it in white linen with a burlap back and sides.

Lorraine Chair White with Burlap
photo source
 I was going to recover my current living room chair, but I've grown to dislike it intensely. The more I looked at it the more I hated it. Does that ever happen to you? I've also bought new pillow covers and linen to make slipcovers for my sofa and dining room chairs. I've realized that I have to buy some things and make a lot less than I would like too because of my health. In short I just need to rely on more help from the stores, it's a bummer when you enjoy creating your own stuff. I also bought new drapes from Ikea and I have a plan to redo my balloon shades.I'm giving them a whole new look. I'll have that project up soon. I'm halfway done with one of them and I cant wait to show you guys. In other news after many years of frustration about getting my bathroom done I've decided to get some estimates from the pros on getting some of the major work done. I hope before the year is out I'll have a reveal on my long awaited bathroom. Wish me luck it's been a long time coming.  Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back soon.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Look at 2013

Can you believe 2013 has come and gone? Where does the time go? Lets take a look at a few favorite posts. In January I painted an old armoire.

In February I created a terrarium display

In March I stamped and painted a few books

In April I shared plans for my bathroom reno and new bathroom floor

 Sadly this room is still not completed. But that's a whole other long story lol.

In May I made pillows from Dollar Store Flour sack Towels

June found me making a box for my remotes

July found me altering bottles

August was a month for the beginning of Halloween crafting

September A Fall Wreath

October is all about Halloween

In November I set the table for Thanksgiving

In December we celebrated Christmas

I hope to have a more productive 2014. Thanks to all of you who take the time from your busy lives to read my blog and leave such nice comments. I'm  looking forward to spending 2014 with all of you. I'll be joining these parties this week,

                                  Savvy Southern Style

                                 My Romantic Home

                               Unskinny Boppy

                              Coastal Charm

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Love to you all, see you in the new year.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Winter Wonderland

This Christmas I wanted my home to reflect Winter. I really tried to create a Winter Wonderland. I didn't count on it being so hard to photograph lol.

 The cream and silver Christmas pillow was bought at Target last year and I just wrapped a burlap bow around my everyday pillow and added a brooch that looks like a snowflake to the center.

 My tree is dressed in white cream and silver to reflect snow and ice. My Christmas house has a snowy roof.

  I wove cream and natural burlap ribbon though the tree and sat it in a wine crate filled with snow that I painted and distressed. My paper mache reindeer was painted a few years ago, he's carrying acorns and greenery. I made snowballs using Styrofoam balls and fake snow sprinkled with Epsom salts. I put the snowflakes in a ceramic bucket that I got a few years ago. It was once filled with bath products.

All of the ornaments are ones  I already owned. I spent about 15.00 dollars this year to make the Christmas house and to buy greenery and a few odds and ends.

I bought two greenery bouquets from the produce store and made these arrangements in my fake ironstone pitchers lol. I also sprinkled a little snow on my very tarnished silver tray and added a few of my homemade snowballs.

I used some of the same greenery bouquets for my buffet/mantle display, I used fake garland as a base and poked in a few sprigs of the real stuff.

I used pickle jars, Ball jars, and holy candles mixed in with the greenery. I filled the jars with fake snow and Epsom Salts.

 I used my feather wreaths from last year. This year I added a burlap bow and ice skates that I made using a pattern designed by Joyce Miller. I cant draw but I can sew, so I have to rely on people like  Joyce to help me out. If you're interested in buying her patterns go here. She has a great versatile selection.

 I think these skates are so adorable and very easy to make. Starting to run out of light here lol

 I kept the dining room table simple since we eat here everyday. I just used a wallpaper runner, filled a tureen with pine cones, bells, ornaments and snow flakes, added snowflakes to the tops of the candle sticks and put tea lights on top of them

  I wrapped garland around the chandelier and hung snowflakes from it.

I used my other feather wreath to make a snowy base for the tureen.

Well that's it for my Christmas decor. Next time I'll show you how I'm setting the table for Christmas. Thanks for stopping by.  I'll be linking up with these fun parties this week.

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                                                         Craftberry Bush

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Dollar Store Christmas House

I've always wanted a to make a giant gingerbread house. I don't have an oven big enough to accommodate such a task, so I decided to build a giant Christmas house from foam board that I bought from the Dollar Store.

 I cut four 15 inch squares and glued them together to make the front, back and sides.

 With the assistance of  my husband I made two 19x10 inch triangles, notched them and glued them to the sides to hold up the roof.

We cut two rectangles about 17x18 to make the front and back of the roof  and glued them to the triangles.

After the glue dried I I added water to Spackle to give it a thick paint like consistency and mixed in white paint. I painted it all over the house,glittered the roof and spackled all of the seams. To give it a whimsical appearance I added vellum to the windows and drew in crooked window panes. The lacey trim is made from  fancy cupcake holders that I cut apart. I had everything except the foam board and we ended up using four. My giant whimsical house cost me four bucks! I've included a few sneak peeks of my tree and vignette. I'll share more when everything is done. Thanks for stopping by! I'll be joining these great linkups this week,

                                                      Debbie Doos

                                                     Savvy Southern Style

                                                   Ivy and Elephants

                                                 Craftberry Bush

                                               French Country Cottage

                                             My Romantic Home 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Dollar Store Christmas Napkin Rings

This year I decided Christmas place settings and napkin rings would be a nice change. I went out looking and needless to say the sticker shock set me on the diy path. There are a lot of beautiful place settings and napkin rings geared toward Christmas but I'm trying to save money for a new fence and I just cant justify spending a ton of money on things I'll only use once a year... so I started my diy with napkin rings.

 I made the napkin rings from the cardboard tube from a roll of aluminum foil, cocktail napkins, and Dollar Store snow flakes. I had everything but the snowflakes, so I only spent a dollar.

 The cardboard tube is really hard, much firmer than a toilet paper tube so I had to cut it with a small handsaw. I cut it into 11/2 inch pieces.

 Then I painted the tube white and when the paint dried I glued strips of the napkins onto the cardboard. I made the strips a little wider than the rings and cut slits in the excess, folded it down and glued the napkins inside the tube. I put a coat of Diamond glaze over the napkins for durability.

I added a little clear glass glitter to the snowflakes and some snow glitter. Than I glued a charm to the center and tiny rhinestones to the tips.

I'll be making plates too,They'll probably be from the Dollar store as well.

For now I paired them with the plates I made for Valentines Day.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be joining these great linkups,

                                           Debbie Doos
                                          Stone Gable

                                        Craftberry Bush

                                     French Country Cottage

                                    My Romantic Home

                               Savvy Southern Style
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