Sunday, June 24, 2012

From Cans To Vases

I have a habit of saving jars,bottles and cans, I'm always thinking... hey I can make  something out of that. Mostly I just save them in a box in the shed. Well for some reason I've been in a crafting mood lately, so I decided to try and actually do something with a couple of cans. I had a large can that I wanted to turn into a vase. I bought  wallpaper that looks like tin ceiling tiles for my kitchen and then I saw another tile pattern that I liked better. I decided to use the original roll for crafts. Light bulb moment!  I'll wrap some of that paper around a can. Then I decided to add ribbon and a little bling and came up with this.

 This is where I started;

I cut the wall paper to fit the cans height and width and glued it on. Then I had to choose between the gray or ivory ribbon. After hemming and hawing about the ribbon I ended up using the ivory...big surprise huh? Then I decided to add the bling. I glued on a charm that I bought from the craft store eons ago.

I went out to my garden and cut some hydrangeas, liatris, bell flowers, hosta leaves and flowers,  made an arrangement in a glass vase, then inserted it into my can turned vase. Then I took lots of picture and played with them to my hearts content in Picmonkey.

I had so much fun I decided to make a second one. This time I used a smaller can. I wrapped the can with burlap ribbon twice around since its kind of thin. I trimmed the burlap to fit and added a printed copy of an old ledger page. I tore it around the edges glued it on in the back and wound twine around it a couple of times and tied it in a knot.

I added flowers to this one too, you cant have too many flower arrangements right? Then I took lots of pics and you guessed it... had fun in Picmonkey.

I think these would be pretty at a wedding or shower. You could even use them to hold pens and pencils or even makeup brushes. I of course love them for flowers. How about you? Thanks for looking! I'll be linking up with these fun parties this week;

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Romantic Dreams

I've wanted to make a Romantic Dream Catcher ever since I saw these. When I heard there was a pool noodle party I thought hmm maybe I can use one to make a soft romantic style dream catcher.

 I started with a blue pool noodle from the Dollar store, I split it down the middle and cut off about a three inch wide slice

  I taped it all all around with packing tape to stabilize it. Then taped the ends together. I wrapped the tape covered pool noodle with ripped strips of muslin and  then wrapped it again lightly with seam binding.

 I used  vintage crochet lace that I purchased from the thrift store in place of the netting that's usually used in the center. I tied on ticking stripe fabric, vintage lace, twine, maribou feathers, pearls,  rhinestones, crystals and a  vintage look posies.

 My oldest Daughter claimed this as her own  as soon as I completed it. Its now hanging in her very shabby chic bedroom. She takes after her mother  lol. I'm joining  Debbiedoo's for the Pool Noodle Party.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Summer Time

I decided to do a summer vignette on my favorite surface to play with, my buffet.  This thing has turned into my own little decorating lab. A small house makes you get creative with what you have. It's a fun challenge to try and keep things interesting but not cluttered and busy in 1200 square feet.  I kind of wanted it a little beachy but not in a typical way. I drove everybody nuts moving and changing things about a million times.

 I moved my lamps from the side tables and added them to the buffet. The hydrangeas are courtesy of my garden's Nikko Blue and Blue Wave shrubs. I added sea glass to a vintage mason jar that I found at a thrift store, love the zinc lid. I added sea shells to a milk glass bowl and placed them on my bumble bee tray along with a piece of coral. I bought the lantern at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. It's deep and wide and as soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for making vignettes or an assemblage. I added coral, shells, a sea fan and a candle inside.

Hydrangeas and seashells remind me of my childhood growing up at the Jersey Shore. Thanks for looking! I'll be joining these ladies this week;

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Friday, June 8, 2012

New Finds

 I've been in a slump for several days. I've started a few projects and have completed none. I have however been shopping! Shopping is my therapy, when I'm sad I shop, even if I don't actually buy anything, it makes me feel better to be around beautiful things. I even love going on virtual shopping trips with fellow bloggers. Post that take us along to flea markets and fairs make me really happy. Since I don't have a completed project  to share I thought I would show you some of my new thrift store purchases.  The first thing is this pretty tiered tray.

The scalloped edge is so pretty. It looks like milk glass and that makes me very happy.

I also found a new tureen, insert happy dance! I have a thing for white tureens with pretty shapes. This is marked Calif H16 USA. I don't know much about the maker but I've seen similar tureens on various auction sites. They are selling them for considerably more than the 4 bucks I paid for this.

I love the  handles on the sides and top, they look like vines.I also found a bowl or tureen that may have had a top at one time. It has pretty scrolling on the handles and a cute pedestal. It's marked  Laveno Italy since 1866, again I have no knowledge of this maker, I just liked the shape.

I've been looking for a vintage mirrored vanity tray and finally lucked up and found one for 1.99. It was gold and I painted it in Pink Sea Salt by MS paints.

I guess I should be more careful about reflections in mirrors. The chalkboard reflection makes the tray look dirty lol.  Well I hope you like my purchases and if anyone knows anything about the makers of my tureens please share. I'll be joining these parties this week;

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