It's My Blogaversary

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

 It's my blog anniversary! In a few day's it will be three years since I started this little ole blog. I hope you don't mind taking a little stroll down memory lane with me. This wreath is from one of my very first post.

I have to say that after three years it's still a lot of fun. It's been a great creative outlet for me. These Pottery Barn hurricane  knockoffs were another early project.

I can't really think of anything that I really don't like about blogging. I just wish I was one of those people who can crank out really great post several times a week. I think I need to work on that. This frame redo is from 2011.

This sette is my first stab at upholstery. Whew! that is a really bad picture lol.

Thankfully my camera got upgraded an my photography skills have improved some. Remember my painted ottoman?  It's still hanging in there, but I'll be changing it out for something a little different soon.

I've connected with so many wonderful and talented woman and learned tons from all of you.

I Hope I haven't bored you to much or offended your eyes with some of these terrible old pics lol. I want to thank all of you who follow and read my blog. Thank you for making me feel welcome and thank you for always being so encouraging, supportive and uplifting. You all have helped me through trying times over these last few years. This is a wonderful community and I'm so grateful to be a part of it. Here's to three more years with all of you.  As always thanks for stopping by. I'll be linking up with these great ladies this week,

                                    Craftberry Bush

                                  French Country Cottage

                                My Romantic Home


  1. Congratulations on your blogaversary! The pictures are great!!

  2. I have loved your style for so long. I am just getting around to copying some of your ideas. This year I'd like to use your Dollar Tree doily candle idea for my advent candles. I do have a fancy Christ candle and a new advent devotional. Your ideas are fun and I'm amazed how well your painted furniture has withstood the test of time!! I'm impressed at your talent. Happy blogirthday to you. And I don't think you need to push yourself to do sooo many projects that its not pure delight!!! I even like strolling back on your former ideas too. Like for me that's not been around three years you could repost some things too!!! Like that wreath!

  3. happry anniversary sweet girl!

    how very fun, and we have all enjoyed our time here with you.

    be blessed

  4. Congratulations! It's okay that you don't post every other day. When I see you in my inbox, I know I'm in for a beautiful treat!! Keep on keepin on :) XO

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! We all blush when we look back at our first photos.

  6. Happy 3 years! I am just over 2 years and am so glad I started my blog. You meet so many wonderful people!

  7. Congrats on your blog anniversary. I think your early pictures and projects came out great!

  8. happy blogaversary! your blog is lovely and always inspiring! ;)

  9. Happy Blogaversary, Karen! I love seeing some of your past projects. It's funny how quickly the time goes by.

  10. I don't often comment here but I want to congratulate you! I too have some photos on my blog from the early days that make me cringe somewhat. I think that is just part of the evolution of our blogs. Congrats!

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    1. So sorry. I was having trouble with my connection to the site, and my comment above does not show up. Nonetheless, I wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful blog and your blogaversary!. I am your newest follower and would love for you to follow me as well at so we can share our creativity through our blogs.

      Betty (maddiebellhome)

  12. Lovely, lovely post, Karen. You have done some wonderful posts over the years. Congrats on your anniversary- xo Diana

  13. Congrats on your blogavarsary! Hope you continue with many more!


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