Sunday, March 20, 2011

 I'd like to thank Kristen  of  My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia for giving my Settee Makeover a special mention on her blog. Kristen has a wonderful blog filled with great DIY projects and beautiful decorating tips. I'm extremely honored and grateful that she acknowledged my Settee amongst so many other talented ladies. If you haven't visited Kristens  blog you've been missing out. Visit  My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia  and say hi to Kristen. She's a sweet and friendly blogger with great style.

Playing With Flowers

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello everyone,

                   I've been fighting a flare up for the last ten days so my energy is very low. I haven't been able to do any more upholstery. Between the joint pain and the fatigue I just wasn't up to it. Needless to say I'm a little disappointed. But I am starting to feel better. To cheer myself up I made a Spring floral arrangement. I tried something a little different than my usual style. I  like a tight monochromatic arrangement  but this time I added a little height to the top.  I'm still experimenting with design. Generally if I don't feel well the designs show it. I don't think this is my best work, but its okay. I took a few pics to share  but after I weeded through them this is what I could publish.

I Won

Saturday, March 12, 2011

 I can't believe it but I actually won something! Vicki  from The Tapestry Of Life had a really great give away, and I won this cute bunny. I was so excited! I love bunnies  so I was thrilled to win. Thanks  Vicki I'll treasure my sweet little bunny.

My Bunny Win!

Settee Makeover

Monday, March 7, 2011

Last week I gave you a sneak peek of a big makeover that I was working on. I had intended to be finished this makeover by Friday, however it was a bit more of a challenge than I anticipated. I attempted my first reupholstery  ever and it took me forevah!  I knew the settee was old but I didn't think  it was so old that the wood was petrified! It was so hard to staple and nail through the wood frame that I think my eyes are permanently bugged out from squeezing the stapler, and my hands are forever in a claw position from hammering.  I removed the old fabric, retied springs in the back, added more stuffing to  the back and then started the recovering process. I used canvas drop cloths for the back sides and cushion. I used white burlap for the front and inner sides. I made a cushion with  the seam underneath because I wanted it to be removable to launder but look like a solid seat. I trimmed it in nail head trim. The trim is a little wonky in spots... again because the wood is so hard!! It was so hard to try and hold the tacks in place and try to hammer with the force that it took to drive it , that sometimes they went a little crooked. Oh!  I painted the frame before I put the new fabric on. I gave it two coats of primer, a coat of white paint and a thinned coat of Sharkey Grey. Okay here is a pic of what I started with:

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