Armoire Redo

Thursday, January 24, 2013

 I bought this armoire unfinished from Sears in 1989. During the mid to late 80's I was heavily into country decor. I never liked the goose and duck look, however I did like mauve and Williamsburg blue. My living room had floral Bishop sleeve curtains in shades of mauve, cream and Williamsburg blue with lace panels in between and matching floral slipcovers,(whew that's a lot of flowers).Those colors led me to believe it was a good idea to assault the armoire with a mauve pickling stain! What was I thinking? Then I decided on a whim one day to paint it brown, I hated it right away and halfway through aborted that mission, so it sat like that for years! 

Dollar Store Romantic Valentine Place Settings

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentines Day is not without tons of decor items to choose from, the Dollar Tree is no exception. The problem for me is I am not a fan of most of it. Since Valentines Day is about romance and love I figured I would just go with that and create a Valentines table for two,now how to do that using romantic elements that aren't so typically Valentines Day related.

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