Fall Buffet

Sunday, September 28, 2014

For some reason it took me all week to finish this vignette. I had a million and one interruptions. I was waiting on pumpkins at first and after the pumpkins appeared in the stores I just kept hitting snags along the way. I almost said forget it, by the time I finish this no one will be interested in fall decor. However I managed to get it done.

I love it when other bloggers use those beautiful vintage breadboards as backdrops in photos. I don't own any yet but I have a boat load of vintage thrifted silver so I decided to take it out of the cupboards and use it in my vignette.

A New Coffee Table and A little Fall

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

When my children were growing up we ate every meal at the table. Well now that we have an adults only house we like to grab a bite in front of the tv sometimes and watch a movie. The white ottoman that we had didn't give us enough room to set drinks or plates of goodies. So we built a coffee table to replace the ottoman.

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