Pickle Jars and Bubble Bowls

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

After Christmas I usually start to feel the winter doldrums. so to add a little green to the house and remind myself that spring is near I made a couple of terrariums.

I used an old pickle jar and a bubble bowl that I bought from Walmart.  I wanted the bubble bowl to look like a vintage fish bowl so I glued a candle holder to the bottom to act as a pedestal.

Since I have a problem keeping indoor plants alive I decided to use just one tiny fern and a variety of mosses, bark, stones, a bird and twigs.

I've always been fascinated by these little self contained worlds. When I was a tween my mom had a terrarium in our living room.  Since it was the groovy 60's it was on a white plastic pedestal and the terrarium was in a plastic bubble that sat on top. I loved that thing and used to imagine myself meandering around in that little world.

I like to buy giant jars of pickles from Sams and since I'm always saving jars and cans for crafting, I used one of those pickle jars to  make a second  terrarium. Again I only used one tiny fern, moss,stones, bark and twigs. I also added a couple of tiny eggs.

I also added moss and eggs to a vintage mason jar to add to the vignette, continuing the nature theme I was going for.

I popped a small plant in milk glass urn under a cloche to help round things out. I don't know how long the poor thing will last!

I like the look of books used  with the terrariums it kind of reminds me of a Victorian library or curiosity room. The vintage looking clock was bought at Big Lots. I added  an apothecary jar with corks another natural element.

Just a little winter pick me up! Thanks for stopping by. I'll be joining these parties this week,

                                                         Savvy Southern Style

                                                        Ivy and Elephants

                                                        Stone Gable

                                                       Craftberry Bush

                                                       My Romantic Home


  1. Looks so pretty--brings that natural look inside--love it!

  2. Very pretty, Karen! Love the look of these. Great idea to raise the bubble one up by adding the candleholder to the bottom.

  3. It looks beautiful, Karen. Maybe I need to follow your lead and add some green around the house to chase the winter doldrums away.

  4. Hi Karen! This is so nice, I absolutely love this vignette!

  5. It is all just adorable, what a great idea. I just planted an indoor herb garden to shake the winter blues. I don't have an indoor green thumb either so your choices seem perfect:) Love it all!

  6. So pretty, I have one that is looking really bad...I need to re do it!
    Visiting from WOW

  7. Your woodland vignettes are so pretty. I have a round bowl like yours and I think I'll copy your idea and glue a candle holder to the bottom. Thanks for the inspiration. Visiting from Wow Us Wednesday.

  8. I absolutely LOVE this idea. Your terrariums are so adorable!

  9. Beautiful vignette Karen! I love your terrariums!

  10. Absolutely beautiful vignette! Wonderful post.

  11. Perfectly luvly!! I luv the terrariums. What a clever idea... now I want some. The idea of the bubble on the candle stick if great. Will have to copy that :-)
    Thanks for inspiring me...
    Cheers, Gee

  12. Beautiful. We used to have one of those cool terrariums in our living room too. It was pretty huge! Love the smaller size and your whole vignette is so springy!

  13. What an organic vignette that makes me long for spring! I love that you used frugal pieces to put your sweet creations in. The jar full of moss and eggs is so inspiring!

  14. I love all of this !!!!!!!!! UBER Love it !! YOU did a great job . MAKES me want to make one now ............

  15. I don't have a very green indoor thumb, but I sure love the looks of this! It is just the pick-up needed in the dark and gray winter months ahead! Your vignette is just lovely and it adds such a beautiful touch of green indoors!

  16. I am in love! These are gorgeous - very goovy - a very good thing to come out of the 60's!!

    Pinning these beauties - so I can make a few of my own!

  17. I LOVE that bowl idea, and I have about 10 of them in my closet I almost got rid of. they are leftovers from wedding centerpieces. And I think I even have 2 of those exact candle holders. (so hope you do not mind, but since I kill plants too, I'd love to make some of these).
    Think I will add one my nests too, with a bit more 'green' on it than usual.

    thanks so much for all the green lovelies....

  18. These are wonderful...I love the canning jar...
    Blessings, Becky

  19. I love this thrifty way to make terrariums. You've put together a beautiful vignette.

  20. Your vignettes are so delightful and filled with wonderful small worlds to gaze and dream.

  21. What a pretty vignette-it would be sweet to be able to walk through those little woods and meet fairies. ;-)

  22. How do you make a terrarium? What are the layers you use? These are wonderful....

  23. Your whole vinette is beautiful and I love, love, love your terrariums! I too grew up with the ultra hip white bubble terrarium in the living room :) Found you at Savvy Southern Style and am now a follower.

  24. the whole set up is so beautiful and creative!

  25. I just tried to leve a comment and it wouldn't let me?? I am trying again. I love your terrariums! Love the combinations you used. Thanks for the inspiration! XO, Pinky

  26. The BEST terrariums I've EVAHHHHH seen. MORE THAN LOVELY! Beautiful!


  27. This is such a beautifully put together vignette! It's gorgeous and the terrariums so so pretty. Beautiful job!

  28. Love the terrariums and the plant under glass. Every year at this time I want to make a terrarium and just have not done it. I must this year.

  29. How very clever and creative, l love the addition of birds and birds eggs as well. They all look so wonderful.

  30. Karen,
    I agree, after Christmas the addition of green and white is so~o~o uplifting!!!
    This vignette is elegantly displayed!!!
    A chuckle about your plant under the cloche...I am infamous for killing English Ivy!!!
    I L O V E English Ivy, but have finally succombed to the faux variety!!!
    Thanks for sharing your creative talent with us!!!
    P.S. Visiting from Yvonne's!!!

  31. I am SO ready for spring! These are just beautiful! I may be inpsired to do more Spring crafting now thanks to you! :o) Yayy! Hope you have a great weekend friend!

  32. Lovely! I am inspired to try making a terrarium myself this spring.

  33. These are adorable!!I love them! I've been saving a giant pickle jar for 2 years now, maybe I will try doing something like this with it.


  34. I'd love for you to stop by and add some fresh green to my rooms. Talk about a pick-me-up!

  35. Ciao Karen, come stai ?
    Tutto molto bello.
    Come al solito "ruberò" le tue idee per migliorare lo stile della mia casa.
    Ieri sera abbiamo avuto una scossa di terremoto e sinceramente ho un pò paura ma mi rilassa molto guardare il tuo blog.
    Ciao, a presto.

  36. Now those are neat! My friend who loves moss, gardens, etc...would totally LOVE this.

  37. Love this so much! What a fun way to dress up a spring mantel!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  38. These are so pretty -- I love the earthy look you've created and it's like a little breath of spring. I'd probably kill even the little fern but I like the idea of using the rocks, moss and birds -- can't kill those :)

  39. I love your terrariums, so pretty! I tend to kill indoor plants too, sadly, but I've been thinking about trying something like this.

  40. What a sweet way to welcome in the spring I'm almost certain is coming! Love the terrariums, so simple but adds a great amount of charm. I will try my own since you have inspired me to do so! I am a new follower and look forward to checking back soon! xo Pam

  41. Oh I am so ansey for Spring. Just found your blog and I love these! You did such a fantastic job. Would love to make a couple! I am happy to be following you. I have a link party, Share Your Cup Thursday. Would love if you shared sometime.


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