A New Window Treatment

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My slow re-decorating is continuing. Since I haven't posted any updates lately I thought I would share my new living room window treatment. Even if my room is still miles away from done and you can totally see project wood sticking out from under my sofa LOL

 I wanted a lighter and more tailored window so I put up semi sheer curtains from Ikea and bamboo blinds that I ordered from I added a sisal rug also ordered from Overstock.

I removed my side table because I'm making a new one, so in the meantime I added my suitcases stacked on top of a bench I remade a while ago. I'm also making a new slipcover for the sofa and I haven't decided on pillows yet.

Do you see that little guy in the corner on the left? He is one of the reasons that I'm constantly changing pillows! He and his  furry buddy keep them wrecked.

Well look who decided to join in on the fun!  These are the little pillow wreckers barking there heads off at my neighbors because they had the nerve to ride their bikes pass our house. It's still a work in progress but you can see a little sliver of my dining room feature wall. Not quite done in there yet either SIGH.

Well I'm moving along. More updates soon. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be joining these fun parties this week.

                                                                        Savvy Southern Style

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  1. Very pretty. I love the bamboo shades with the sheer drapes. Gorgeous.

  2. Love your window treatments! The bamboo blinds are great!

  3. It's looking lovely, Karen! I love the window treatments you put up and the lighter look you are going for. I just washed my white sofa slipcover seat cushions and broke the zipper on one this morning. Now I have to go to the upholsterer {that luckily is not far away} to see if they can replace the zipper for me. Meanwhile, I have the one cushion propped up on its side so I remember to take care of it. It was just that kind of weekend so I really wasn't surprised when it happened. : }

  4. They look awesome! I just did a similar treatment to the bay window in my living room - sheers in each of the 4 individual windows (so the Pug can sit in the window and look out!) and grommet top panels hanging on the outside like yours.

    I'm really glad that I found your blog we seem to have similar floor layouts (the bathroom and living room anyway). We've been in renovation mode for the past year and for the first time I'm learning the value of patience! The living room is almost done and now I am hunting for a sofa. I may go the slipcover route. The bathroom is up next!

  5. Love your living room window and curtains but I especially LOVE that white stove in the corner - just beautiful!
    We're also in the midst of renos - losing my mind actually lol
    Popping in from Savvy Southern Style

  6. Love the tone on tone feeling in the room, and the window treatments is the icing on the cake, love them.
    I have drop cloth curtains in my home, ones I made, but so many times I have wanted to change them out to white Linen. Yet have yet to find the right ones.
    Maybe I will do shutters? I also love your shades another favorite of mine.

    This room speaks calmness, a room to love.


  7. Beautiful! Very light and fresh!

  8. You are making BEAUTIFUL progress so speed is not important. I'm loving the light and airy look you're making.
    You are making fabulous choices and doing a great job, love it all!

  9. I love love love the suitcases!! Lovely window treatment as well. I'm pretty new to blogging so haven't seen what you started with, but oh how wonderful the room is looking.


  10. Wow, how did I miss this post? Your sofa is beautiful. I love it all fancied up with your pillows and pups. LOL!! Your new window treatments are perfect for your room.

  11. Hi Karen I was just looking at simpler suitcases...Very pretty room and lovely choice of curtains. I couldn't help but notice your gorgeous ottoman also.

    ─ ƤєтαƖ & Lαcє Ƈσттαgє ─

  12. You have an amazing style. I adore how elegant your living room looks. Although it doesn't look at all modern, it has a very sophisticated touch, which is really nice. Your window treatments compliment the lighting very well. The room looks very bright because of the curtains you settled on. Great job on that! :)

    Shirley Todd @ Arjay’s Window Fashions

  13. Even if your living room wasn’t finish that time, it still looked amazing! Everything is in order, and the color is very refreshing. And the window treatment was a nice touch. The wooden blinds definitely add a rustic and homey appeal to the room. Anyway, have you stuck with this look ever since, or have you changed it recently?

    Bob Ward @ Allure Window Treatments

  14. I see that you're living up to your blog's name, although shabby isn't really the best way to describe your sense of style, as I think you do make a lot of beautifully decorated spaces in your home. Anyway, it seems like your pups love the new window treatments. Well, who wouldn't when they are that lovely. You did a great job on them, Karen! Thanks for sharing that! Kudos and all the best to you! :)

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions, Inc.

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