Thank You Michelle

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I was fortunate enough to win  a beautiful Giveaway from Michelle who writes the gorgeous blog Petite Michelle Louise. After a small snafu with our postal system, I received these beautiful bracelets.

Michelle's talent is immeasurable and her kindness and generosity well known. I am so proud and honored to be the recipient of this gorgeous handcrafted jewelry.

If you don't know Michelle you should visit her blog the inspiration is awe inspiring, and while you're at it visit her breathtaking Pinterest Boards and  Etsy Shop. Thanks again Michelle, I've worn the bracelets everyday since they arrived.


  1. Those bracelets are beautiful! Congrats on your win!

  2. Congrats! They're beautiful, and just perfect for you.

  3. my heart is full to bursting at the moment! so sweet of you to post such kind words abut litle ol' "moi" and my creations. i'm smiling from ear to ear my friend. truly. merci! ;)

  4. How beautiful...congrats!
    I bought one of her necklaces and get lots and lots of compliments!

  5. Oh my congrats, they are some gorgeous bracelets and they must look wonderful on you! Thank you for coming over and for the wonderful comment.
    Have a lovely September.

  6. These are gorgeous! Such beautiful pieces and just in time for all of the glitzy and seasonal parties that are just around the corner!
    Warm Hugs,


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