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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well hello there, I love the thrift store, It's like an addiction...of course I justify it by telling myself its really great stuff, really cheap... but I think I may have reached the point  now where I need to slow my roll.I've got stuff in boxes and no where to put it...I'm skurd people, I was watching Enough Already with Peter Walsh on OWN. By the way are you as jazzed as I am that Oprah has her own  network...  anyway there was a man who's house was over run with the great  stuff  he  "collected". To him they were all great treasures...hmm  sounds a little too familiar. Maybe I'll slow it down a little....soon. In the meantime I'd like to share a few of my recent  finds. I tried to get all artsy with the photos to make up for my sad photography skills. Please be kind when you see my pics, I'm trying. Does anyone have a suggestion for  a lamp shade for the tall lamp that looks like  Capodimonte?
Milk glass
Pretty ceramic lamp with roses, I think the small one is milk glass

cool vintage scale

Candy Jar,pretty decanter, candle holder,says made in Italy on bottom. Sorry I cut off the lid top on the candy jar.


  1. beautiful finds! the scale really is cool! (so "farmhouse chic"!)

    happy weekend~


  2. Karen, I love your milk glass finds and those lamps are wonderful. Also that vintage scale is a fav of mine. I have one, but would like a couple more. Thanks for such sweet comments.

  3. Karen, I know exactly what you mean. Every time I go into the thrift store (or any store really) I think about the show Hoarders on A&E. I used to gasp at some of the people on that show, but now I can understand how it starts. It's so hard to resist buying stuff when it's cheap and such a rare find. I could not have walked past your milk glass finds without swooping them up! They are gorgeous! love the scale and the lamps too.

    And Oprah...I love her, but I wish she didn't have to takeover The Discovery Health channel. I really enjoyed the shows on that channel. boo-hoo!

  4. Hi Karen, Thrift stores aren't so common here in Germany. There are a couple in larger cities but not in small towns like the one we live in. Maybe that's a good thing for me, otherwise I would probably go there too often and end up hoarding too much stuff. I already have a lack of storage possibilities for some of my flea market finds ...
    Your milk glass is very pretty and I also love the scale.
    Have a great Wednesday!

  5. Milk glass is so addicting! You scored some great pieces!


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