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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Someone recently asked me  how I chose the name of my blog...well the short answer is it was named for my favorite style of decorating shabby elegance and the pet name for my little house: home sweet cottage. When we first moved into our home I was heavily influenced by Rachel Ashwell and her shabby chic style. I still am... but it has evolved a little over the years. In the early days we had  white slip covers and  white wicker and disressed white wrought iron furniture.Add to the mix two puppies and adolescents ...lets just say I had to rethink my choices. Our house does not have a family room, so all family time was spent in the white living room.It wasn't working for me. I was working full time and was diagnosed with a chronic the upkeep was more than I could manage. Sooo I moved the white pieces to different rooms and bought dark furniture for the living room.Well, now my doggies are seniors and my girls are grown up , and I no longer work outside the I'm slowly going back to the style that I love. I'm slipcovering and painting and stashing my thrift store finds.I'll post pictures of my progress soon,but right now my house is as dark as a cave, its impossible to get good pics with my ole point and shoot.Its funny how you just don't feel quite right when your home is not reflective of your style. Its just not me. In the meantime I thought I'd share some of my inspiration pictures.

My Favorite

                                            Photos from Horchow,Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn,Country Living


  1. love the pics. I love the blue chairs in the first photo and the use of the ladder in the one a few photos down.

    Do you have a Habitat for Humanity Restore near you?

    They are a neat place to shop for home improvement goods.

  2. You know I love me some color, but I love white kitchen cabinets. This is the second house I have had them in and I wouldn't have anything else - especially with some glass front doors. Or even open shelving that seems to be all the rage now. Have fun with your redecorating! It is so nice to walk into a room and have it make you happy because it is "you". ~ Karen

  3. Love the pics, thanks for posting. Good luck with your renewed interest in beautiful whites! I also 'stash' things and cannot wait to use them!


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