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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hydrangeas, Roses, Liatris and Balloon flowers are blooming, but the heat is really beating everything up. I figured I'd better hurry up and make an arrangement using all of these things before they all dry up! I snipped a few blooms, totally at the wrong time of the day, don't do that.

Flowers should be cut early in the morning not late afternoon. Oh well it's too dang hot for me
 early in the day. I have to wait for the sun to move around to the back of the house to do my gardening. The back isn't planted yet, just grass back there, totally my husbands job.

I decided to take the pictures outside today. any time that I get to play with flowers is fun times for me.

It was in the ninety's  today and very sunny.

I wish flowers bloomed all year round.  How about you?

Thanks for stopping by, Ill be joining these ladies this week,

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  1. I am not one to enjoy the hot sun, either! And - we receive LOTS of sun, both morning AND afternoon! Your flowers are lovely!

  2. Love hydrangeas and your arrangement is GORGEOUS! Your photos too!
    Would love for you to hop over and share at Amaze Me Monday...

  3. Hydrangeas are just the most beautiful flowers, they make beautiful arrangements. I have not been very successful growing them in my yard though any advice?


  4. What a hand you are at floral arrangements. I usually plunk mine in a container and call it 'natural'. lol We are getting too little sun and too much rain for any glorious bouquets here, so it's a treat to see yours!

  5. Your flowers are beautiful. I'd so love to have hydrangeas to cut and dry for arrangements.
    It is very hot here (western CO). I went out today to sand a couple things and about dropped from the heat. Back of our house faces due west and it's miserable in afternoon.
    Be careful in the heat. Happy summer

  6. My gosh, Karen- Those are just beautiful! You have a wonderful way with florals and they are lush and gorgeous! xo Diana

  7. Oh that looks just beautiful! I always finding myself cutting flowers after it starts getting dark--sometimes out with a flashlight! I don't know why I feel the urge to bring flowers in in the evening. I want to make an arrangement like yours--just lovely.

  8. Your arrangement is so shabby French! SO pretty!

  9. Such a beautiful arrangement, Karen! We've had so much rain lately. Send some sunshine our way!

  10. Your flowers are beautiful, Karen! I will be cutting some of my hydrangeas today {and it won't be early morning!} to bring over to my daughter's house. They are due home from their trip to NY today and I thought it would be nice to have some hydrangeas on her table for her.

  11. What a beautiful arrangement! Just gorgeous in the white ironstone! We will have weather in the nineties this week too. It's a relief after over a week of triple digits.

  12. Beautiful arrangement! I have never heard of a Balloon Flower, interesting, I will have to look that up. It has been very hot and humid here.


  13. Your beautiful flowers make a gorgeous arrangement.
    Mary Alice

  14. So pretty. I love the colors in this arrangement.

  15. Beautiful arrangement. I love anything with hydrangeas in it!

  16. Beautiful post....the light you've captured in these pics is wonderful.

  17. I love your beautiful arrangement...with the pastel shades of hydrangeas mixed in with the blue balloon flowers:) The hydrangeas simply look gorgeous... a real show 'em! Have a wonderful evening!~Poppy


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