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Thursday, April 11, 2013

I know everyone around blog land has been sick, well the ick has visited our house now. I was already quite ill and just as I was recovering from one thing this nasty cold/ flu bug hit three out of four of us. Thankfully we are all on the mend. In other news our home reno is  moving at a snails pace.  Remember my inspiration board?

Well this is as far as we have gotten,

We have a floor, yep that's right the floor is in. It's not completely finished though. It needs to be filled in places but it's 99% done. My husband laid the tile and he did a really great job.

He had to remove the sub floor in half of the bathroom due to rot. The toilet leaked underneath and rotted the wood. The bathroom is really tiny about 6x8 and it's our only bathroom. So it was quite an ordeal having no toilet, first to replace the sub floor and then to tile and grout. I'll spare you the gory details and just say I found a campers solution combined with a medical commode ewww. Thankfully there will be no more long periods without the toilet. In the meantime all of the other things are staring at me like this pile of flooring,

It's sitting in my living room mocking me along with all of the other undone projects. SIGH. I got yelled at for being impatient, really? impatient? I have had everything for the bathroom for over six years. Impatient, I don't think so. On a cheerier note I have bought a few bathroom accessories and I'm looking around for a few more things.This is the fun stuff! I'll share some of them with you later. Just a quick update, I'll be back with something a little more interesting soon. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be joining these great parties this week,

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  1. Yay for floors! I love the tile. Hubby did good. Glad you guys are all feeling better. Pollen is kicking my husband's butt over here. I'm glad you guys have your toilet back. I can only imagine what living without one was like. LOL!!!!!

  2. OOfff.. the flu bug has been hitting hard. Got us all a few months ago as well. No joy. Glad you are feeling better.
    Nice floors!!!!
    :-) Glad the toilet is back in... whew!
    Hare's to a fab rest of week!
    Cheers, Gee

  3. Happy to hear you are feeling better Karen. I was down and out with the flu as well. I love your new tile. We are at the beginning stages of redoing our girls' bathroom and the day before I got sick, my husband was up in the attic installing a new bathroom fan when a floor board cracked and down he came through the ceiling. What a mess! So this weekend it's back to work on the bathroom, not to mention repairing a very large whole in our hallway ceiling.

  4. Karen- I love you black and white tile. It is just timeless and classic. I hear you- We just put the plantation blinds up in the downstairs office/laundry room. They have been sitting there for 6 years by the back door! Impatient? Nah- I don't think you are at all!!!! xo Diana

  5. Patience is sometimes a dirty word but considering 6 years, not so much ;-)
    Have a good weekend.

  6. I really like the black and white tile. beautiful!

  7. Your hubs did a beautiful job on that floor! Thanks for sharing. Susan

  8. What a talented husband you have there! That floor does not look like it was easy to do and it turned out great. I love black and's a classic.

    I know what you mean about inpatient. Not so much with projects, just getting the basement and garage cleaned up, things fixed around the house. I hate to nag but sometimes a girl has to speak up!

    Hope you are all feeling well now.


  9. It's a lovely, classic pattern floor and ALMOST worth waiting six years for it. He did do a nice job of laying it.

  10. So sorry to hear your family got to crud, think it's going around all over the country. Hope all will be well very soon.
    The floor looks so nice, sorry there were problems. Ever hear of any reno when there aren't problems? Sigh.
    I've been waiting for almost 7 yrs. to get most of my house painted. We have those ugly panels with contact paper like crud on them (we have a mfg. home. UGH. My bathrooms got painted not too long after we moved in but rest of the house is still waiting with bated breath, mine that is. I have the paint (thanks to 4 different quart of paint give aways at Ace close to our house.) Been saving it up. Happy Days

  11. I love the floor, very classic.


  12. So sorry you were sick. This is one of my favorite floors are a lucky girl!

  13. so glad you introduced yourself! Love it! I saw you live in NJ. I'm in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I'm your newest follower. Have a great weekend, denise

  14. Love your floor. We have the original 1928 white hexagon tile with random black tiles thrown in. We really need to update it to look like yours.

  15. Sorry to hear you were illen! I adore this floor. In fact, I have always wanted to have this style in a bathroom. Very cool Karen. Have a great weekend.

  16. This bathroom is GORGEOUS !!! love the floor the colors all of it . Fabulous is the only word to describe it ..well and PERFECT

  17. That tile is so classic, I love it! I'm glad you're feeling better.
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  18. The tile looks great; fantastic installation Mr. SSC.

    I've just become your latest follower...just found you from another blogsite's party. I have loved the blue hydrangeas in the burlap with torn script paper since I first saw it on Pinterest. I am so glad to have finally found the person who created one of my all-time favorite flower arrangements.

    Please accept my invitation to visit my relatively new blog.


  19. Oh I am your kindred spirit! I read about you living without a toilet and I think: OMG its not just me! 4 years ago the hubs ripped out my kitchen, master bath and powder room. I was 2 1/2 YEARS without my kitchen: no sink, no oven, no cook counter was a piece of plywood covered with plastic and we ate from the crockpot, the barbeque, and the microwave (you can cook a LOT in a microwave). A family of 5 with one toilet wasn't pretty, but fortunately the littlest one was potty training so in a pinch we used his baby pot. Kitchen is now 85% finished and has gotten to that no-mans land of 'good enough' and 'I am so sick of this'. Powder room is done, too, but master bath is studs and sub floor and I can't see it being finished any time in the near future. But that's okay, cause we're happy and healthy and blessed. The rest is just icing on the cake! Thanks for all of your inspirations!

  20. Woo HOO! For your floor!
    So exciting....I ahve had tile for a year tofinish around my tub....but I have been her for 20 years.,...with no tile around my tub. It is MY fault was my job to do it. and since it i a hwhirlpool tub with no shower, it has been eay to put off for me. I use it. but it stays pretty dry. Hopefully I will get to post pictures about THAT job! But, first I know how that million projects to get to goes....
    it's a great start and beautiful!

  21. The floor is really beautiful, I like it. :)

  22. My husband put this same tile in our bathroom last summer. I had my heart set on it and I LOVE it....when I'm not cleaning it! The grout is awful to clean. But it shines when it's clean. Yours looks beautiful.


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