Heaven Sent?

Friday, March 16, 2012

 I purchased this beautiful  statue of Saint Therese at The Good Will.  I was immediately drawn to it.  I bought her about two weeks before my mother died. I didn't know anything about Saint Therese or as she's more commonly known the Little Flower. I became curious about her after I received a beautiful sympathy prayer card from a friend and former co worker after the death of my mom. When  I received  the card and realized my mother had been made a member  of The Society of the Little Flower I realized that Saint Therese was the same Saint as my Statue.

I did a little research and found that Saint Therese is the patron Saint of  Florist,  loss of parents, flower growers and illness.She is the Patron Saint of many other things but all of these things pertain to me and my mom.

I worked as a floral designer, my mom grew a beautiful flower garden I suffer from a chronic illness and finally I lost my mother. It's as if she were sent to me. Now I understand why I was so drawn to her.

First I was drawn to the statue, I lost my mom, my friend sent me the prayer card inducting my mom as a member of  The Society of The Little Flower and finally the knowledge that Saint Therese was the Patron Saint of things that pertained to us.

I am amazed and awestruck by this series of events and somehow my soul is quieted.  If you want to read more about Saint Therese you can go here and here


  1. Dear Karen,

    I think it's wonderful the way God comforts us in times of need. That statue was definitely meant for you!


  2. I'd say that came to you through divine intervention! I have never seen anything like that in any GW I visit! Blessings- it was meant to be- xo Diana

  3. Karen, God has His ways to touch our hearts. That is a sweet story. Have a blessed weekend. Smiles to you, Susie(She Junks)

  4. How sweet, Karen. Your post warmed my heart.

  5. She was absolutely meant for you. God works in mysterious ways. And what a beautiful lady she is. I'm so sorry you lost your mother. Vanna

  6. Dear Karen, this is such an amazing story, I have known this about St Teresa, since I am a florist, have a chronic illness and have experienced the loss of both parents, I find signs from above in my life......I shall be sharing one such story this Mother's Day. This is vey heartwarming, And comforting ,N.xo

  7. Beautiful statue! St Therese is my favorite saint, but I hadn't known she was the patron saint of those who've lost their parents. I will remember this when I'm feeling particularly sad missing my mom & dad.

    Happy Easter (a bit late, I know) from your newest follower.


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