Bijoux and Paris

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello, my name is Bijoux I am a Bichon Frise,  I live in New Jersey with my human companions.

This is my companion Paris she hates having her picture taken so please forgive the grumpy face.

We are going to join the pet party at Debbie Doos Blogging and Blabbing. We gave our mom a real hard time  when she tried to get photos. So our true beauty was not captured...not bragging, just saying.

Now we'll show some random shots that mom had to really sweat and swear a lot to get.

Where are our eyes?

Really Mom another pic (Paris)
I'm Bijoux and I love playing fetch

And then chilling in the shade

I'm Paris  please save me! NO MORE PICTURES PLEEEESE!

Bijoux happy to see dad.

Paris: okay now I'm really ticked off

Bijoux is a playful clown he loves playing with his stuffed animals and chasing his ball. He thinks any unattended food is his for the taking. He will  also drink any beverage within his reach. His favorite is coffee.He hates squirrels and bunnies and any neighbor who dares to walk their dog by his house. Paris is quiet and sweet. Her mission in life is to love you. She is happiest when she's being cuddled  and loved on. Just don't try and take her picture. These guys have many nicknames and answer to all of them. Paris: aka Mini Me, Love Machine, Ninja of Love just to name a few. Bijoux: aka Big Poppa, Sneaky Pete, Ubu, Boo Boo etc. Bijoux is 10 years old and Paris is 8. They are our precious babies and are so happy to meet all of  you. We are joining the  The Pet Party at Debbie Doos Bloggin and Blabbing.


  1. They are soooo precious! You've captured my heart. By the way, you did a wonderful job with their pics. Each time I bring my camera out, my fur-babies pull the vanishing act...skillfully! They really are some lovely babies, you must be proud. Hugs!

  2. What a big ole cotton ball!! How cute, I love this breed. Thanks so much for sharing with Lucy and the rest of these amazing pets. I am having so much fun today. I think I have not seen the same breed twice today!~ Have fun.

  3. What a sweet little thing!! I have the same problem, i have so many duvets and comforters, but i do not think you can ever have to many, i was them all over all the time, even outside. You always can change it up !!! Have a great day ! Thank you so much

  4. Oh my, that is hilarious! Paris really isn't a fan of the limelight. Love them!

  5. Adorable! I love your nicknames for your sweeties! I really like third picture- it looks like he (or she) is laughing!

  6. What sweet names! I can tell you truly love them.

  7. Hi Karen! What two gorgeous little snow balls!
    I love your babies names and they are just darling!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. They are both adorable! Where do you live in NJ? I am a Jersey girl myself.

  9. wow this is Beatrice here so glad to meet you both your white coats are just awsome and your doll faces are fabulous hope to see you again at the next party:)

  10. They are sooo sweet Karen!!!
    My Acoya would love them...they are the same size as him! Pilot would have fun with them ..she can be rough but loves little dogs!!

  11. OMGoodness, what perfect names for Bichons: Bijoux and Paris :D They are so cute! I love white dogs *giggles* Poor Paris....she is sick and tired of the paparazzi following her around, poor baby!

  12. Oh how cute! They are just so fluffy! They look so much alike too. I wish Henry would play fetch like a normal dog. He takes it and runs the other way!

  13. You have some super-cute kiddos. They sound like a great combo.

  14. Bijoux and Paris are precious! Love their cute, little faces. My favorite photo is Bijoux with his ball.

  15. So cute...and sweet companions, I am sure.

  16. What precious little ones, and I love their names!

  17. oh Karen, they are really adorable. I love their names! Paris really looks annoyed in a couple of those pics. too funny! i bet they bring your family a lot of joy.


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