Faux Flowers

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm a floral designer .My medium is silk or faux flowers or permanent botanicals whatever name you choose.I often come across decorators on t.v  in blogs or magazines who diss silk  flowers and consider them a decorating don't.Its not my mission to try and convert anyone... if the sight of a faux flower arrangement makes your teeth itch then I respect your feelings. However there are many people who are able to incorporate silks into their homes in very tasteful ways. We deserve respect too. Todays faux flowers are not your mothers faux flowers. There are companies  who make very beautiful and realistic faux flowers, sometimes you have  to touch them to see if they are real and sometimes touching wont  reveal that they are fakes because they've  been designed to feel real.I'm not an advocate of filling every nook and cranny in your home with silks or the dreaded stringing of greenery garlands atop kitchen cabinets, but a nice tastefully arranged flower arrangement on a side or hall table can look quite elegant.During the holidays a beautiful faux wreath can rival the real thing.To see some examples of very elegant faux designs check out or  You'll see how beautiful silks can be.


  1. Karen! thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE your burlap wreath! I am using that very same ribbon for Christmas this year!

  2. So true Karen! Silk flowers make beautiful arrangements too!


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