Monday, November 25, 2013

Dollar Store Christmas Napkin Rings

This year I decided Christmas place settings and napkin rings would be a nice change. I went out looking and needless to say the sticker shock set me on the diy path. There are a lot of beautiful place settings and napkin rings geared toward Christmas but I'm trying to save money for a new fence and I just cant justify spending a ton of money on things I'll only use once a year... so I started my diy with napkin rings.

 I made the napkin rings from the cardboard tube from a roll of aluminum foil, cocktail napkins, and Dollar Store snow flakes. I had everything but the snowflakes, so I only spent a dollar.

 The cardboard tube is really hard, much firmer than a toilet paper tube so I had to cut it with a small handsaw. I cut it into 11/2 inch pieces.

 Then I painted the tube white and when the paint dried I glued strips of the napkins onto the cardboard. I made the strips a little wider than the rings and cut slits in the excess, folded it down and glued the napkins inside the tube. I put a coat of Diamond glaze over the napkins for durability.

I added a little clear glass glitter to the snowflakes and some snow glitter. Than I glued a charm to the center and tiny rhinestones to the tips.

I'll be making plates too,They'll probably be from the Dollar store as well.

For now I paired them with the plates I made for Valentines Day.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Thanksgiving Table

This year I decided to set our table using my white and gold dishes along with natural fall colors.

I've had the dishes for years, they were a gift from my mom. She also gave me the gold flatware.

I bought the planter from Michaels about 15 years ago. I haven't used it for years but I thought it would go nicely with the dishes and the natural fall colors.

I wrapped brown satin ribbon around  pillar candles and dollar store holy candles and tied  twine around that and added a leaf to the fronts.

I cut some pretty fall leaves from the trees in my yard. I didn't want to use the fallen ones just in case my or the neighbors dogs had used them for business if you know what I mean LOL.

I used pine cones for place holders  and just cut card stock into strips glittered the edges and numbered them one to four.

I used textured wall paper to make the table runners.

I bought the gold rimmed water goblets from Penney's years ago, along with matching wine glasses. The wine glasses somehow decreased from 8 to 2. When did that happen? 

All of my fruit is good ole fakes and so is the flower arrangement.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's My Blogaversary

 It's my blog anniversary! In a few day's it will be three years since I started this little ole blog. I hope you don't mind taking a little stroll down memory lane with me. This wreath is from one of my very first post.

I have to say that after three years it's still a lot of fun. It's been a great creative outlet for me. These Pottery Barn hurricane  knockoffs were another early project.

I can't really think of anything that I really don't like about blogging. I just wish I was one of those people who can crank out really great post several times a week. I think I need to work on that. This frame redo is from 2011.

This sette is my first stab at upholstery. Whew! that is a really bad picture lol.

Thankfully my camera got upgraded an my photography skills have improved some. Remember my painted ottoman?  It's still hanging in there, but I'll be changing it out for something a little different soon.

I've connected with so many wonderful and talented woman and learned tons from all of you.

I Hope I haven't bored you to much or offended your eyes with some of these terrible old pics lol. I want to thank all of you who follow and read my blog. Thank you for making me feel welcome and thank you for always being so encouraging, supportive and uplifting. You all have helped me through trying times over these last few years. This is a wonderful community and I'm so grateful to be a part of it. Here's to three more years with all of you.  As always thanks for stopping by. I'll be linking up with these great ladies this week,

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Painted Wood Burner and Tile

Ever since I moved into my home 17 years ago I've had a love hate relationship with my wood burner. I like using it for heating, it saves tons on the gas bill, but it was so dark and the tile wall behind it was dark and dreary. My living room is dark because of the big oak tree in the front of my house. The dark wood burner and tile made it even more dreary. I hated it. So I painted it. Finally!

 I thought that I had before pictures saved in my web album, however the pictures were on my other computer saved on the dead hard drive.  I'm sorry to say I have no befores. Imagine dark brown tile from floor to ceiling and the black wood burner in front of that. Here is a picture of the tile color before.

 This tile ran from the floor all the way up the wall and the wood burner was a worn and dingy black. It made for a very dark and dungeony corner of the room.

I used six cans of  Rust- Oleum  High Heat paint in white on the wood burner. In this picture you can see at the bottom the color of the tile floor and wall before I painted it.

The tile was primed with two coats of zinsser water based  primer and sealer and allowed to dry overnight, then I painted the tiles with Misty Gray by Benjamin Moore. It's the same color that I'm painting the living room and dining room walls. Before, having that dark tile in the corner of the room made the whole room look dreary and unbalanced. It looks much brighter now.

 It was an easy and inexpensive freshen up for a space that I hated, The spray paint for the wood burner was 24.00 for six cans and I always have primer on hand. Now I just need to finish painting the rest of the room, add new window treatments and drapery hardware put down the new flooring and oh yeah I could use new slip covers too. Maybe after Christmas I'll be ready for the big reveal on this room. Thanks for stopping by! I'll be linking up with these great parties this week,

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