Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Copying Veranda

 At first I couldn't find anything to copy and then I remembered the Ex Votos I started last Christmas.  I saw a picture in Veranda Magazine and  my wheels started spinning. I've been seeing  beautiful Ex Votos   everywhere, so I decided I would try making my own. I molded my Ex Voto copies last November so I pulled them out and finished them. Then I set about trying to style the picture sort of like the inspiration pic. This is what I came up with;

This is the inspiration photo;

Of course when I tore this image out of the magazine I was only thinking of  trying to copy that white and rhinestone beauty. For some reason they got put on the back burner last Christmas. Somehow it all came together for the Copy Cat Challenge at Debbiedoo's. I don't own anything in the golds pictured in the magazine photo so I used what I had on hand. Except for the flowers which I purchased at the produce market very reasonably.

My little copies are made from sculptamold modeling compound and were formed in candy molds. I couldn't find a flame  mold so I substituted a crown. After they dried I sanded them and painted them white. I used diamond glaze thinned with water to give them a lacquer like shine. Then I added rhinestone chain around the edges of the heart. I used silver glass glitter on the edges of the crown and rhinestones on the points of the crown. Next jewels were added to the center of the hearts. I guess they're not exactly like the originals huh? I intend to finish the rest of them add ribbon and hang them on my tree this Christmas. I'm behind and ahead at the same time LOL. A few more looks;

                                                The Inspiration                            

                                                         The CopyCat
Joining these great parties this week.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Old Pot New Look

I've had this  pot for ever, it's pretty but I was tired of it and wanted it to blend in with my color scheme. What's a girl to do? paint it of course.

I sprayed on a couple of  coats of primer, the primer took forever to dry because it's so humid here. I had envisioned doing an elaborate distressing technique but that idea quickly went away, with the humidity it would have taken me a lot longer than I wanted to spend on this, so I went to plan B.After the primer dried I painted on two coats of Talc by MS paints that I had leftover from my buffet makeover,  it's a nice creamy off white without the yellow. Here's what I started with;

 It's one of those pots that you find around the holidays filled with bath and body goodies, nothing special.So I didn't feel bad about altering it at all. After I painted it I did an image transfer using the same technique that I used for my  French bumblebee tray.

 I mixed together some black and white paint and made a dark gray, thinned it down to a wash and painted it around the rim. Then wiped it back for a little distressing. After the paint dried aided by my blow dryer, I wiped on a couple of coats of satin poly. I added my distressed book bundles to it and made a vignette on my side table.

I found a bag of pearl cotton at Goodwill for 1.00. There was ten skeins in the bag and they must be vintage because they are marked .35 cents each. I think they are around a couple of bucks or more now. The hydrangeas from my yard dried nicely in my altered tin can. The Lamp is a goodwill find. I paid  3.50 for it and it's one of my favorite things.The French graphic is from  The Graphics Fairy. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be joining these parties this week

                                        The Graphics Fairy
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blown Away...Almost

Well Hello,

           It's good to be back. We had a terrible storm on the east coast. My area was hit by 80 mph winds at around 1:00 am Saturday and intense thunder and lighting. We were without power for four days, which meant no internet, no TV, no lights no refrigeration and no air conditioning. The temperatures were in the high 90's the whole time. I don't handle heat well and was already not feeling well so needless to say it was an ordeal. for everyone.Some  unfortunate souls are still without power.  Ours was restored last evening around 5:30 pm.Hopefully everyone will have power by Friday. We lost one tree, luckily it was at the back of our property far from the house. Unfortunately for my neighbor our tree hit his shed, but there was no major damage.All of the surrounding neighborhoods had rows of trees down as well as damaged fences and lost roof  shingles. I don't think anyone was injured or killed in my immediate area and we are grateful for that. My husband cleaned up all of the brush and tree limbs and patched up our fence. We're pretty much back to normal around here. We are grateful to be safe and to have our home intact. It could have been much worse. Our home is surrounded by a lot of big trees that are close to the house.  This is our downed tree;

There's a big gaping hole under the roots. It looks very  creepy. My dogs wouldn't go near it for days. They finally ventured closer yesterday. Our area is completely sold out of generators and there are reports of people stealing them. Hopefully there will be no more severe weather for a while.I'll be back later in the week with something more fun to talk about. I hope all of you are safe and keeping cool.
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