Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Challenge

Well its that time again,  what time you ask?  Time for another Magazine Copy Cat Challenge. This so much fun, I'm so happy to be able to join in again.. I really wanted to copy a Christmas photo but since all of my Christmas stuff is in the attic and I don't go up there and my hubs is working long hours and he couldn't get it for me, I went to plan B. I used a picture that caught my eye from Cottage Style Magazine from May, 2010.

The magazine picture was taken under a cabinet with a really  nice marble back splash, trust me under my kitchen cabinet is not so cute and my tile back splash...  well lets just say it aint pretty, so I used this backdrop that I created from poster board with vintage book pages glued to it. I added a frame that I painted and one of my silver trays for interest. I had these faux dried look hydrangeas and I altered them to  give them the look of hydrangeas at the end of the season. I only have one chicken tureen so in place of the second one I used a small  ironstone tureen and added white gourds and pine cones as a nod to fall. In place of  the small pitcher I used a milk glass creamer from my collection.The tureens and pitcher in the inspiration pic are sitting on a marble slab, I sat mine on some porcelain marble tiles that I bought for a project.I set it all on a vintage curtain panel that I bought from the thrift store long ago.  This is the inspiration photo:

Its a spring issue  and as you can see this picture is on the table of contents page. Since its fall  I decided to add a little fall flavor to it.  Here are a few more takes on the photo at slightly different angles just because I'm addicted to editing  in Picnik.

Thanks  Debbie  for creating this fun idea. I'll be linking up to the Magazine Copy Cat Challenge  at Debbie Doos Blogging and Blabbing be sure to stop by to see all of the great ideas.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching I decided to make a vignette to celebrate the season. I like  black and white Halloween decor and I like it kinda of creepy but not too gory. I like skeletons, I know strange right? so I incorporated skeletons and something that scares me to death in real life RATS ...eww! 

peek a boo! see the ghoul peeking from behind the candelabra?


Eeek !!! Rats

 The skulls I bought a couple of years ago, they're from a kit  by Martha Stewart.  I glittered them in a mixture of glass glitters in silver and clear. I didn't want the skull and bones to be perfectly glittered, it kind of looks like sparkly skin melting from the bones, well at least that was the intention. I added spiders and dollar store pumpkins that I spray painted silver, the creepy fabric is also from the dollar store. The spiders are from Pier One and the giant white owl is from Marshall's.The creepy candelabra is from the dollar store as well as the ghoul peeking from behind it, the raven is also from the dollar store. I couldn't spread the vignette out because of lack of space so I tried to give it depth by layering the elements from front to back . I had a lot of fun putting together this creepy vignette. I hope you had fun looking at it.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Buffet Arrangement

In an effort to add a little fall decor to my home I made an arrangement for my buffet, You know the one that I bought months ago that's not finished...

Yea this one.

Well the plan is to have it done by Thanksgiving so feeling very optimistic I went ahead and made myself a fall  arrangement to set upon it. It's 99% fake flowers and 1% real flowers taken from my garden. I used succulents and some dark leaves from a shrub that  I don't know the name of. Everything else is from my stash with the exception of the gourds that I purchased from the dollar store. I made the arrangement in a soup tureen that I bought years ago at The Goodwill.  The cost of the whole shebang is about 4.00 dollars. I REALLY think I have way to much stuff. I added a little more fall color to this than my side table arrangement. Lately I've become fond of asymmetrical arrangements, I tend to go through phases with my floral designs... this is the design that I came up with ...for now. I tend to pick at things and change them around a million times. By the time Thanksgiving actually arrives it will probably look very different.

I guess I'd better stop playing with flowers and get back to furniture or else I'll end up doing that dance with my hubby, you know the one ... I put an arrangement on the dining room table and he moves it...grrr.  I've given up on it, ya know you've got to pick your battles. Anyone else have that problem? Oh yeah Picnic  has some really cool Halloween effects. I used VampiraScope on the pic third  from the bottom.  Well I'm off to work on furniture .Wish me luck! I 'll be linking up with these great parties this week,

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Litttle Fall

I'm so far behind on everything, but I still wanted to add a little fall  decor to my home. I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I looked at my hoard... er um supplies and found some things I thought I could use. This is what I ended up with.

I started with this mirror with attached planter that I found when I was shopping my shed.

I have tons of faux flowers and grasses  so I picked out a few and created an asymmetrical arrangement in the planter portion of the mirror. Here is a close up of the arrangement.

I used faux hydrangeas that I bought last year on clearance, grasses faux twigs and white feathers that I had on hand. My large white pumpkin was bought recently at Walmart for  five dollars. It started out  orange but I wanted a white pumpkin  so I painted it using antique white craft paint,  the next size pumpkin was bought last year at Tuesday Morning  on clearance for 1.00 and the tiny pumpkin came from The Dollar Tree, I painted that white as well. I added my favorite white Rooster from my collection and ended up with a simple fall vignette that cost me about 7.00 dollars total. I'm going to make a couple more pieces I'll share them later. I just wanted to share what I have so far since its been quite a while since I've posted or visited. I'll close with a few more shots of my vignette.

Well ladies its so good to be back! I'll be visiting everyone later but right now I have dog grooming duties. My poor little fur babies have been so neglected these past few weeks as has most everything else. I'll be joining these ladies this week.
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